Multi-Family Construction

Providing quality products & services for development and building of multi-family homes

Our experience and expertise in product and distribution helps multi-family home developers and builders work efficiently on every level of the ordering, shipping, and delivery process.

Service & expertise before the Sale

Builders have enough on their minds without having to keep up with the latest options and improvements in appliances. With EA Holsten, builders have a resource they can rely on for product and factory information, as well as recommendations on product selection.

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Improve Efficiency

There are a number of ways we can work with the factory, consolidate shipments, etc, to help bring the most efficient systems to your business.

Shipping & Handling

EA Holsten’s unique delivery system allows products to be shipped more efficiently, minimizing loading and unloading, handling, paperwork, time and errors. Ask us to explain the next time we meet.

Our Warehouse

A tour of our efficient 42,000 square foot warehouse demonstrates the precise system of order and fulfillment benefitting from over 50 years of experience. Our system not only runs smoother, it puts you one step closer to the manufacturer.

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