Multi-Family Appliance Replacement

appliance replacement Richmond

Appliance replacement service for multi-family homes

For apartment managers and maintenance supervisors quick and easy appliance replacement is just a phone call away. Our centrally located, 42,000 square foot warehouse provides products and solutions for pick-up or delivery.

appliances in Richmond

Over the years, we have developed a number of ways to help keep costs in line:

Shipping & Handling

EA Holsten’s unique delivery system allows products to be shipped more efficiently, minimizing loading and unloading, handling, paperwork, time and errors. Ask us to explain the next time we meet.

Our Warehouse

A tour of our efficient 42,000 square foot warehouse demonstrates the precise system of order and fulfillment benefitting from over 50 years of experience. Our system not only runs smoother, it puts you one step closer to the manufacturer.

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